Ricardo Samuels is a open format DJ born in Kingston, Jamaica. His nick name "Swiss Kid" was adopted from his clever and quick style of playing music that sounded perfectly blended and mixed well. Ricardo felt that music was always within him. "We didn't have a hip hop scene or pop, we had reggae mostly in Jamaica." After coming to America at the age of six, however, Ricardo's horizons broadened and music just took to him. He began​​ listening to all kinds of genres, and especially everything that underground hip-hop had to offer. He was inspired by DJs like Q-Bert, Babu and the World Famous Beat Junkies for their unique styles and sound. DJ Swiss Kid's defining pursuit is turntableism, the art of creating music using direct-drive turntables and a DJ mixer. Having spent the latest period of his career in clubs, DJ Swiss Kid now fuses the scratching and juggling that set him apart from the rest with the blending techniques of a top club DJ. "I don't play songs as long as some people, I break the song where I feel it, sometimes at 10 or 20 seconds." Dedication, love and practice has given him a reputation as a, "cut chemist." In other words, "I'm known to scratch it up pretty good."DJ Swiss Kid's roots have hardly been lost in this pursuit, however. They show themselves in the hospitality with which he conducts every interaction, and the work ethic that refuses to let him settle for mediocre. He loves to make his clients feel special, and whether at a bar or club, charity event or wedding, he creates a fun and energetic report with the crowd. "My favorite moments DJ-ing are hearing the music pound and hearing everything flow just right, it keeps my spirits up to see people celebrating and enjoying life."